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Are you tired?

Tired of trying, tired of hoping, tired of coping and even tired of existing?

Can you get over your past?

Or do you hate getting flashbacks from things you don’t want to remember?

Are you easily falling back into darkness,

trying to avoid the pain that is haunting you?

Are you sick of people not believing you,

and telling you to pull yourself together?


Does this describe you or someone you love or care for?

Does this describe some of your patients, which – in spite all of your applied knowledge and skills – seem not to get better?

Or did you come to this website, because you want to team up with us to stop the epidemic onslaught of mental illness in our society?

According to SANE Australia, almost half of the population (45%) will experience a mental disorder in their lives. And the percentage keeps growing. Worst, more than a third of our young people have had an episode of mental illness by the time they are 25 years old. What are we waiting for? Almost 20% of our population is expected to experience a mental illness in the next 12 months. That is on average one of every five people you know or meet! And they could be suffering from –


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We believe this is not necessary!


  • That NO ONE was created to live depressed, guilty, ashamed, condemned, or unworthy. We all were created to be victorious!
  • That NO ONE is ever too broken, too scared or too far-gone. If people don’t give up and don’t lose faith, we will find a way to help them!

Our MISSION is to –

  • Research the best healing modalities and then to educate, guide and enable every mental health client and professional to choose the best method for themselves and others with the utmost integrity and transparency.

Our VISION is to –

  • Be the force that stops the onslaught of mental health illness and reduce them to such a degree that they are not a threat to society any longer.

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What is the Janrua Foundation doing to curb the above growth rate?

First and foremost, we research and evaluate the best and most efficient modalities (therapies, procedures and processes) using the following criteria:

  • Symptom vs Cause: Does the therapy create just temporary relief or heal the person for good?
  • Pain: Does the process require the person to talk and re-experience past trauma?
  • Artificial Chemicals: Does the modality recommend or require the use any pharmaceutical drugs?
  • Risks: Are there potential short or long term side-effects of the therapy?
  • Treatment Process: How is the therapy delivered? –
    • Can the person do it themselves (Self-Help guides) or with a loved one?
    • Can they do it by phone/video/internet from the comfort of their home?
    • Can a person stay anonymous, if desired?
  • Time investment: How many hours of therapy are required until –
    • the person feels a difference?
    • the disorder is completely alleviated?
  • Financial investment: What are the estimated costs associated to the therapy?
  • Outcomes: After the therapy finishes, is the person empowered to take complete control of themselves?
  • Prevention/Education: Does the therapy teach the person how to prevent/ or how to react to potential future trauma?

Secondly, we co-operate with interested mental health professionals, organisations and institutes to provide the best therapy for each individual.

Thirdly, if enough funds are available, we provide financial assistance to those experiencing financial hardship, so that they are able to access our suggested therapy.

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What are the results of our efforts?

So far each person that completed the therapy and whom we followed up with, claimed they had received a great benefit. This is an amazing outcome that shows that the Janrua Foundation is indeed on the right track and it inspires us to continue our journey until we have reached every-one in need of our help!

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What are our challenges?

WeDefective, Powerless, Weak, Defenseless, Insecure like to learn whether there is anyone we cannot help. As such we seek people that have been declared as incurable or treatment resistant and put into the “too-hard basket”. If you qualify, we’ll pay for your entire treatment under the condition that you will give us a glowing video reference, when our professionals free you up to be YOU again in less than 3 months. Do you want to take us up on this offer?

Team, Teamwork, Business, Annual Report, CooperateWe do not have enough mental health professionals to work with. If you are a psychologist, counsellor, or psychotherapist and wish to learn how to help your most difficult patients or get new ones, please get in touch. If you are a certified mental health expert, we may invite you to sit on our Expert Panel to evaluate new healing modalities found. And if you are an independent Researcher or Psychology Student that seeks a thesis or the start of a career, then please assist us with our trials.

We also seek a new Global Ambassador. Our beloved current Patron, Dr Deborah McCulloch, AM, is retiring. If you are a public figure and wish to make a huge difference and subscribe to our values, then please get in touch.

If you have excellent people, communication and project management skills, and love to work with our amazing volunteers,  than apply for the position of General Manager, please.


We need more media exposure. If you are a traditional or social Media Expert with an excellent network and are willing to volunteer your expertise, we’d love to hear from you.

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We also need other experts and volunteers, such as Investigative & Grant Writers, Events Manager and a Director of the Modern Art of Fund-Raising. Are you willing to create a legacy by dedicating your skills, experience and efforts to those that require them?

Give And Take, Road Sign, Donation, Arrows, FontEssentially, we seek heroes that can help us spread the word, so that more people are becoming aware of how they can be helped and cured.

And last, we do not have enough funds to help every-one in need, although those beautiful people working in the Janrua Foundation volunteer their time and skills.

Rope, Noose, Death, Depression, Unhappy, DespairFor less than a cup of coffee ($3/day) we can heal some-one from anxiety and depression and possibly prevent suicide, which is the cause of death of 25% of those that die as young adolescents. Please help us protect our youth and future generations!

amazon bestseller anorexiaAlso 10% of people with eating disorders statistically will not survive. However, 10 donors donating $50/month for a year would enable us not only to save a life, but allow that person to enjoy it again.

Remember, almost every 2nd person you know will require help for mental illness at some stage in their life. If you care, please call us and arrange a donation.acnc-registered-charity-tick

And yes, the Janrua Foundation Ltd is a registered Charity under the ABN 62 871 033 410 and can provide you with a tax deductible gift receipt.

Are you ready to follow your heart?

If you say ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then please use the following contact form to get in touch with us.

Thank you!

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us embracing the enormous challenges ahead. Let us team up and enjoy the ride and thrill of doing what most people consider impossible! Are you in?

Determinedly & passionately,

Your Janrua Foundation Volunteer Team

  • janrua foundation  Because NO ONE was created to live depressed, guilty, ashamed, condemned, or unworthy. We all were created to be victorious!

  • And NO ONE is ever too broken, too scared or too far-gone. Don’t give up and don’t lose faith, because WE HAVEN’T FOUND ANYONE WE COULDN’T HELP YET!!!


P.S. The Janrua Foundation has changed its name to Change Your Past Foundation Inc.

Please visit our new website!