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Volunteering for the Janrua Foundation. volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference and being rewarded with something very unique and fulfilling: The inner satisfaction that it was YOU that contributed to the smiles and happiness of others. If you desire to experience this, then read on, no matter where you live or how much time you have.

First, are you capable to fulfill any of the following roles?

Global Ambassador

You are a known personality, public figure or celebrity. As our Ambassador you would be very much aligned with our purpose. Your time commitment would be little. We expect you to be present only at major events and that you integrate the promotion of our course into your public life in a way that fulfils your desire to make a difference. Read more…..

General Manager

As our General Manager you would be very much aligned with our purpose. We expect you to be an excellent communicator that can lead a fantastic bunch of volunteers implementing our research projects and growing our public awareness, whilst making sure our members, donators and grant givers are well cared for. Read more…..

Expert Panel Member

We seek certified psychologists and mental health experts that are aligned with our purpose to sit on our Expert Panel and evaluate the healing modalities found by our research team. Your work will be published and may attract considerable media exposure around the globe. Read more…..

Trial Manager, Rsearcher, Psychology Student

We are in the process of collecting modalities worldwide that actually heal people from their mental disorders, evaluate those modalities and then make the results publicly available. Those treatments that have outstanding results, but possess only anecdotal evidence, require proper research and a trial. We seek experts to oversee such trial, invite students that seek a PhD thesis and researchers to fill in the gaps, and finally word the trial parameters and its findings so that it can be published in professional journals. Read more…..

Media Expert

You will advise us how to promote the website and the top therapies through the media you are an expert in (TV, print, or social), so that our press releases, articles & blogs, interviews and events are well-presented and well-distributed. Whilst you will be supported by a friendly team of writers and mental health experts, you will be the driving force to make sure that those that are experiencing mental health issues as well as their carers know about the solutions available for them. Read more…..

Director of the Modern Art of Fundraising

You will assist us in addressing the current huge shift in philanthropy: The new generations are seeking much more social impact investing than any generation before them. Add to this innovations in technology (sophisticated websites, crowd-funding, social media platforms, etc), which allows (and demands) a closer relationship between the donor and us, and it is clear that today’s fund-raising success depends on us being outstanding in engaging the donor and its peers, making it easy for them to give and becoming involved. As such we ask you to identify the best ways to attract our donors and serve them in a way that they feel inspired to enrol their peers too. Read more…..

Investigative writer

You will be responsible to write the article about each therapy, which would include some investigation about its history and track record. Whilst you will be supported by a friendly team of mental health and IT experts, you will be the driving force to make this the best, most easy-to-read and most informative website for the world public. Read more…..

Grant writer

You will assist us in receiving government, community, corporate and philanthropic funds for those unlucky people as well as our community events, by researching grant opportunities and then writing succinct and appealing applications. As such we expect you to be experienced and possess an understanding of health & community services, funding and sponsorship possibilities. Read more…..

If not, do you have any other knowledge, expertise, life or business skill you wish to contribute? If so, please let us know! 


Feel free to contact us with your questions, ideas or ways you could possibly help by filling in the form below.